see AdelaideAdelaide
or Adelheid
, c.931–999, empress consort of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, daughter of King Rudolf II of Arles. After the death (950) of her first husband, King Lothair of Italy, she was about to be forced into a marriage with the son of Berengar II,
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, empress.
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Sobre una idea de Adelheid Roosens Yo nunca lloro representa lo mejor de nuestro teatro en la actualidad: apuesta por la reflexion humana que trasciende.
j) questions should be sent by e-mail to: adelheid.
While overweight rates in children might still be low, the proportion and numbers are increasing in all age groups,' Dr Adelheid Onyango, the WHO Africa's Adviser for Nutrition, warned.
And, between 2000 and 2001, the fund received almost $8000 from the publication of "Labour of Love" by Adelheid Wassner.
HARRIS Adelheid (Heide) Following a short illness on Friday June 23, 2017 at The Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend.
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3) The fact that these Avasyaka prose commentaries and the Buddhist Mulasarvastivada Vinaya share some common narrative material was pointed out decades ago by Adelheid Mette (1983: 137-38) and Nalini Balbir (1993: 124-25, 184, 349), both of whom identified a number of parallels between the two corpora.
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Berlin's vibrant and permissive cultural life contrasts starkly with Hannover, which was largely conservative and nationalistic, as Adelheid von Saldern contends, concluding after a survey of the political landscape of Weimar-era Hannover: "Das Pendel neigt sich hier eindeutig auf die Seite eines antisemitisch eingefarbten Illiberalismus provinziell-konservativ-aggressiver Pragung" (20).
The programme features exclusive interviews with family members, childhood friends and psychiatrist Dr Adelheid Kastner who interviewed the Austrian after his arrest.
Adelheid Dahimene and Heidi Stollinger's DONKEYS (9780735841604, $17.
The Brothers Grimm lived and collected oral tales for decades in nearby Kassel and Gottingen, and Adelheid (Humperdinck) Wette incorporated the fearsome local Ilsenstein in her Hansel und Gretel.