Adjarian Autonomous Republic

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Adjarian Autonomous Republic


Ajarian Autonomous Republic

(both: əjär`ēən), formerly

Adzhar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

(əjär`) or


(əjär'ĭstän`, əjär`ĭstăn'), autonomous region (1990 pop. 382,600), c.1,160 sq mi (3,000 sq km), SW Georgia, on the Black Sea, bordering Turkey on the south. The capital is BatumiBatumi
or Batum
, city (1990 est. pop. 136,609), capital of Adjarian Autonomous Republic, in W Georgia, on the Black Sea near the Turkish border. A major port and trade center, it is also the terminus of the Trans-Caucasian RR and an oil pipeline.
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. Mountainous and forested, the region has a subtropical climate, and there are many health resorts. Tobacco, tea, citrus fruits, and avocados are leading crops; livestock raising is also important. Industries include tea packing, tobacco processing, fruit and fish canning, oil refining, and shipbuilding. The Adjars or Ajars, a mainly Muslim people of the South Caucasian linguistic family, constitute the bulk of the population; the remainder are Georgians, Armenians, Russians, and Greeks.

Colonized by Greek merchants in the 5th and 4th cent. B.C., the region later came under Roman rule and after the 9th cent. A.D. was part of Georgia. The Turks conquered the area in the late 17th and early 18th cent. and introduced Islam. Acquired by Russia in 1878, the region became an autonomous republic of Georgia in 1921. In 1991 it became an autonomous republic of the newly independent state of Georgia. Subsequently, the region became increasingly independent of the Georgian central government, leading to a crisis (2004) in which Georgia reasserted its supremacy and forced Adjarian leader Aslan Abashidze into exile.

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In a meeting with Chairman of the Supreme Council of Adjara Avtandil Bridze, Saber pointed to the key role of parliaments in close relations among nations, and stated, "Parliamentary diplomacy is a mechanism to implement political, economic, cultural and social cooperation among countries.
Adjara and Abkhazia got by on cross-border smuggling, just like some of the other godforsaken little coastal or mountainous countries which have lost even the pretense of the rule of law.
backed Georgian leader to stop his attempts to increase pre-election tensions in Adjara.
Bush today, has instigated an increasing wave of street violence and intimidation in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, and in Adjara, the autonomous region whose capital, Batumi, is a major Black Sea port.
Batumi International Container Terminal is located in Adjara, Georgia and managed by Batumi International Container Terminal LLC (BICTL).
A presentation of business and investment opportunities in Adjara will take place during the event.
Project Description: Planting of fruit species on slopes and terraces as a measure against landslide processes in Khulo Municipality, Autonomous Republic of Adjara
BATUMI, Feb 11, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's foreign minister met chairman of the government of Adjara Autonomous Region on Friday.
Considering the total size of the Adjara population, this number is really very high.
However, in spite of the extensive criticism broadcast by the media, the situation in the autonomous republic of Adjara, whose capital is the Port of Batumi, located in the southwest of Georgia, has appeared to the foreign observers present rather calm.
Regarding the recent news from Georgia concerning the semi-autonomous region of Adjara in south western Georgia.