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(1) Officer attached to a superior for various assignments. In the Soviet Army prior to 1954, also a line position in individual battalions (divisions).

(2) In the prerevolutionary Russian Army, also the position of the officer in charge of clerical duties on staffs and administrations (senior, regimental, battalion, and divisional adjutant). Appeared first in the second half of the 17th century under the name of esaul. The position of adjutant was legitimated by the 1716 Troop Regulations.

(3) Court military office in the retinue of a monarch. Adjutant of the rank of a general is called an adjutant general and of an officer rank, aide-de-camp.

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General Wright's service with the Pennsylvania National Guard has included serving as a UH-1 and CH-47 pilot with the 228th Aviation Company; adjutant of the 28th Aviation Battalion; flight operations platoon commander with the 1028th Transportation Company (Heavy Helicopter); and assistant operations/training officer and flight operations officer at Eastern Army National Guard Aviation Training Site.
We work closely with the National Adjutant wherever and whenever we are needed.
Furthermore, her outstanding qualifications and the respect that she has earned throughout her illustrious military career will allow her to carry out her duties as Adjutant General.
Past National Commander and Department of New York Adjutant Don Sioss said that Burgess is well-suited to become DAV's National Adjutant.
Prior to today's announcement, General Wright has served as Deputy Adjutant General - Army, Pennsylvania National Guard, a position she has held since May 2000.
Commanders and Adjutants are encouraged to identify unmet needs and develop projects to serve ill and injured veterans in their communities.
After attending the Women's Army Corps Officer Orientation/Officer Candidate School and the Adjutant General Basic Course, Col.
The documentary, "Personal Experience -- Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam," features Brigadier General Ezell Ware, Deputy Adjutant General of California, and several other California National Guardsmen who were combat helicopter pilots in Vietnam.
John was a true friend of all veterans," said National Adjutant Arthur H.
Butler and Military and Veterans Affairs Adjutant General Major General William B.
Jackson has also implemented a web survey solution at the Soldier Support Institute which supports the US Army Recruiting and Retention School, the US Army Adjutant General School (AGS), and the US Army Finance School.
National Commander Larry Pozin recently approved National Adjutant Arthur H.