Administrative Jurisdiction

Administrative Jurisdiction


as defined by law, the activity of governmental administrative agencies and their officials in solving individual administrative cases and in applying the corresponding legal sanctions by administrative procedure. The jurisdiction of the governmental administrative agencies in the USSR and other socialist countries is based on the strict observance of the principle of legality and is clearly regulated by the appropriate legal acts—for instance, the Apr. 12, 1968, edict of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On the Procedure for Hearing Citizens’ Requests, Petitions, and Complaints.” Several agencies of the USSR governmental administration and their officials exercise administrative jurisdiction within certain limits set by law—for instance, the chief of a local militia office can impose a fine for the commission of an administrative offense (a minor offense) which manifests itself as petty hooliganism. In the USSR, according to law, people’s judges, administrative commissions for cases of minors, and several other agencies have been invested with the powers of administrative jurisdiction.

The organization of the activity of governmental agencies in exercising administrative jurisdiction is regulated by administrative procedural law. Soviet law stipulates that administrative jurisdiction must be exercised within a legal framework in a public manner and that all the guarantees and rights of the citizen provided by law must be observed. These guarantees include the right of a person whose case is being heard under administrative jurisdiction to acquaint himself with all the materials of the case, to present evidence in his own defense, and to demand the summoning of witnesses, the appointment of experts by the commission, the interpellation of documents, and so forth.

In bourgeois states, the administrative jurisdiction of administrative bodies is more broadly defined and the jurisdiction of the courts is correspondingly more restricted. In these states, the activity of administrative authority is broadly defined as to have free discretion (so-called discretionary power) in applying measures of administrative penalty. For instance, in Great Britain the Council of Administrative Tribunals was created by the law on tribunals and inquiries (1958); this council hears a great number of cases, which are thus removed from the courts of general jurisdiction. In the Federal Republic of Germany the jurisdiction of administrative bodies has been significantly broadened by the law on administrative offenses of Mar. 25, 1952.


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South Korea has maintained that Tokdo, 150 kilometers northwest of Japan's Oki islands off Shimane Prefecture, western Japan, is under the administrative jurisdiction of Ullung in Ullung county.
The purpose of the agreement is to identify the facilities and areas under the DOE s administrative jurisdiction that will initially be included in the park, and to establish a broad framework for the management and interpretation of those facilities and areas.
The HEC has awarded these scholarships to the districts falling under the administrative jurisdiction of Malakand division including Swat, Bunair, Malakand, Shangla, Upper Dir & Lower Dir and Chitral.
Eleven states within the administrative jurisdiction of the BLM's southeastern field area received a combined total of $8,562,111.
Egypt previously came under the administrative jurisdiction of the Arabian Gulf but recently were relocated to come under the banner of the African Federation.
soldiers, according to the Tokyo metropolitan government, which has administrative jurisdiction over the island.
Under administrative jurisdiction of the GOP, the BLZ is set to facilitate streamlined movement of logistics traffic, positioning Bahrain as a multimodal logistics centre for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Northern Gulf.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Cash Chest For Various Rural Branch Post Offices In Bihar To Be Delivered At Divisional Head Quarter Falling Under Administrative Jurisdiction Of Sr.
The three New Zealanders -- Craig Mowat, 25, James Gordon, 18, and Chris Coaster, 25 -- were snowboarding on a mountain located within the administrative jurisdiction of the village of Hakuba in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan.
The management service activities related and / or subsequent to the process of sanctioning administrative jurisdiction of Contracting Authority, originated from breaches of the Highway Code and all other applicable national or local, against offenders and / or forced residents in Italian territory;
The contract has as its object the management service of the enforcement proceedings for violations of the rules of the road and police administrative jurisdiction of the local police, including the supply of its management software.
The contract has as its object the service of overall management of activities related and / or subsequent to the process of sanctioning administrative jurisdiction of the contracting authority, originated from breaches of the Highway Code and all other applicable national or local.

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