Administrative Offense

Administrative Offense


an unlawful culpable action or an omission to act violating rules that have been established by competent state agencies to protect the interests of the state, public organizations, and citizens; the normal work of state agencies and public organizations; public order; state and public security; and so forth. An administrative offense gives rise to administrative responsibility.

An administrative offense differs from a crime by the lesser degree of social danger. The commission of an administrative offense serves as the grounds for applying social or administrative sanctions. The illegality of an administrative offense consists of a person’s committing an action that is prohibited by law or failing to do what is prescribed by law, and doing so intentionally or through negligence; this circumstance creates the guilt. An illegal action or an omission to act must be in a causal relationship with the ensuing consequences. Thus the elements of an administrative offense comprise illegality, culpability, and a causal relationship between the action and the ensuing harmful consequences.


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Their identity is being established now and the decision on penalty for administrative offense is pending.
The court decided to fine the human rights activists for their administrative offense after they failed to obey lawful orders of police officers and conducted a protest action in violation of the prescribed order for conduct of rallies, marches, demonstrations.
President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev on Wednesday signed the additions to the Administrative Liability Code that define unlawful road blocking as administrative offense.
Police wasnted Akbarov to appear before the court and to be fined for administrative offense, but I achieved his release," Tursunbek Akun said.
Otherwise, it is an administrative offense that carries a fine of up to 100,000 [euro] (approximately $122,774) under the AML Act.
France has been an abolitionist country for nearly 150 years, while Italy decriminalized it in 1999, making it an administrative offense that deserves a fine.
As a result, the trustee boards of two mosques had been issued notices of administrative offense.
Instead, it's deemed to be an administrative offense only, and you're put into an administrative proceeding rather than a criminal proceeding.
Where an individual or organization commits an administrative offense in relation to the environment, compensation for damage caused by that offense is to be determined by mutual agreement between the offender and the offended.
Contract award: conclude a framework contract for towing, moving and kept by an administrative offense parked and seized vehicles in the city of cologne.
The authorities made a report against the JSC on administrative offense under Article 209, Part 1 (understating the amounts of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget) of the Administrative Offense Code of Kazakhstan.

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