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any of various nymphalid butterflies, esp the red admiral or white admiral



(from Arabic amir al bahr, “ruler on the sea”), a navy rank. It was first used in Europe in the 12th century in Venice and Genoa and later spread to the navies of other countries. In Russia admiral ranks (admiral general, admiral, vice admiral, and rear admiral) were introduced by Peter I in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The May 7, 1940, decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet created the following ranks in the USSR Navy: rear admiral, vice admiral, admiral, and admiral of the fleet; and in the navy engineering corps, engineer rear admiral, engineer vice admiral, and engineer admiral. On March 3, 1955, the rank of admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union replaced the rank of admiral of the fleet, and on April 18, 1962, the rank of admiral of the fleet was reintroduced and added to all those existing.

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Good for society There has been a reduction of mental health stigma thanks to Admiral's internal benefits like its Confidential Support Officer and collaborations with mental health charities.
Admiral's chief executive, Henry Engelhardt, said: 'The investment of Munich Re is a strong endorsement of Admiral.
Admiral's management team have always stressed that the success of the business, which started selling car insurance over the phone in Cardiff in 1993 and now has global revenues of PS2bn as Wales' only FTSE 100 firm, is down to the hard work of each and every member of staff.
Louisa Scadden, Admiral's head of communications, said: "Chapter is a unique, much loved venue in Cardiff and the Admiral sponsorship with Chapter has given our staff and their families access to a variety of different activities, where they've learnt about animation, photography, ceramics and film.
More information on this and the rest of Admiral's Annual Survey of British Motorists can be found at www.
Paul Connah, Admiral's network manager, comments, "Our previous system was just too complex and intensive on resources.
Admiral's Louisa Scadden said: "To see the Admiral on such an iconic shirt gives all our staff and their families an immense feeling of pride.
Admiral's director of communications Louisa Scadden said: "To see the Admiral on such an iconic shirt gives all our staff and their families an immense feeling of pride.
Tom O'Byrne, chief executive of the Great Place to Work Institute UK, described Admiral's dedication to its staff as "outstanding".
to organize a network of strategic alliances with American industrial product distributors to promote the sale of Admiral's ENVIROTERRA(tm) product line in the United States.
Husband and wife Justin and Cath Smart have both worked in Admiral's claims department for 11 years.
Admiral's flagship products are non-acid based specialty cleaning solutions which have been sold in bulk quantities to a major Canadian brewery.