Adolf Erman

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Erman, Adolf


Born Oct. 31, 1854, in Berlin; died there June 26, 1937. German Egyptologist.

Erman became a professor at the University of Berlin in 1883 and director of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin in 1884. In 1894 he was elected a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Unlike his predecessors, the founders of Egyptology, who were interested in the Egyptian writing system, Erman turned to the study of the Egyptian language; he established its grammatical structure and determined distinct periods in its developed.

Erman founded the Berlin school of Egyptology, which was characterized by its emphasis on philology, and he directed the preparation of the most complete dictionary of the ancient Egyptian language (edited by A. Erman and H. Grapow, 1935–55).


Neuägyplische Grammatik. Leipzig, 1880.
Die Literatur der Ägypter. Leipzig, 1923.
Die Religion der Ägypter. Berlin-Leipzig, 1934.
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Under Egyptologist Adolph Erman, Breasted switched his doctoral focus and became one of the first of a class of new scholars devoted to studying the intricate grammar of the ancient Egyptian language.
The great Leonid meteor storm of 1833 had made astronomers aware of meteoric bodies moving in dense swarms or, according to the theory advanced in 1839 by the Berlin scientist Adolph Erman, circling the Sun in discrete rings.