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General morphology of ovipositor and membranous valves similar to those of Ellipteroides (Protogonomyia) adrastea Stary & Mendl, 1984, from which it differs by female cercus longer than tergite 10, distally thinner and upturned, and with blunt tip.
The Galileo pictures confirm that the ring's densest part is the outer edge, adding weight to earlier suspicions that Adrastea feeds the ring.
Adrastea and Metis orbit Jupiter almost exactly in the equatorial plane.
The correct order of the moons: 1) Metis 2) Adrastea 3) Amalthea 4) Thebe 5) Io 6) Europa 7) Ganymede 8) Callisto.
Interestingly this angular shift can be explained with the same order of magnitude from the viewpoint of Q-satellite angular shift (see Table 1), in particular for Jupiter's Adrastea (10.