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Roman emperor: see HadrianHadrian
, A.D. 76–138, Roman emperor (117–138), b. Spain. His name in full was Publius Aelius Hadrianus. An orphan, he became the ward of Trajan. Hadrian distinguished himself as a commander (especially in Dacia) and as an administrator.
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city (1990 pop. 22,097), seat of Lenawee co., SE Mich., on the Raisin River; inc. 1836. It is a manufacturing and trading center for a fertile farm region. Manufactures include machinery, furniture, transportation equipment, plastics, and adhesives. It is the seat of Adrian College and Siena Heights College. Numerous lakes are in the area.


, Adrian
Latin name Publius Aelius Hadrianus. 76--138 ad, Roman emperor (117--138); adopted son and successor of Trajan. He travelled throughout the Roman Empire, strengthening its frontiers and encouraging learning and architecture, and in Rome he reorganized the army and codified Roman law
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