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They offered terms of surrender to the citizens, hoping to gain this first foothold into Italy without resistance and complete a lightning conquest of the Adriatic coast.
However, his fellow World Cup winner Aldair, also 42, will be in the team for Murata, who have won back-to-back doubles in the tiny republic near Italy's Adriatic coast.
Although the country is small, it is developing a booming tourist trade focused on the Adriatic coast.
San Marino, a tiny republic near Italy's Adriatic coast, has never won in official competition, and such a scenario would allow it to compete on a more even playing field.
First featured in the AR Preview issue last year (April 2005), Ofis's competition-winning scheme for two housing blocks on Slovenia's Adriatic coast is now complete.
Hungary and Croatia, in a bid to decrease reliance on Russian gas, plan to build a 340-km natural gas pipeline between the Adriatic coast and Hungary, and a liquefied petroleum gas terminal on the Adriatic coast.
The aircraft was on its way from Bari, on the Adriatic coast, to Djerba in Tunisia.
A little Punto hatchback would allow us travel the 70-odd miles down the Adriatic coast to our Eurocamp holiday home and tootle about to our hearts' content.
Boskovic called for Japanese investment especially in Montenegro, citing the development of the port of Bar on the Adriatic coast, which could serve as a gateway for Japanese and other Asian economies to the 25-nation European Union, along with several projects on tourism, health and hydro-energy development.
Cardinal Ivan Dias of Bombay told a church-sponsored meeting at Rimini on Italy's Adriatic coast Aug.
Along the Adriatic coast, which is the second most indented coastline in Europe (second only to the Norwegian coast), there are 1,185 islands out of which 67 or only 6 percent are inhabited.
A judge in Fermo, near Ancona on the Adriatic Coast, ordered the shops to cease trading and on Thursday the gaming authorities moved in.