adulteration of food

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adulteration of food:

see food adulterationfood adulteration,
act of intentionally debasing the quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient.
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The petition sought framing of guidelines to prevent adulteration of food and other consumables like fruits,vegetables,dairy products,edible oils,honey,meat,spices and pulses throughout the country.
The recommendations also say that all parties who operate and manage the food chain "must put consumers first over all other aims", adding that: "To this end, contamination and adulteration of food, along with making false claims relating to food products, must be made as difficult as possible to commit".
He directed that stern action be taken against the elements involved in adulteration of food items.
The incident led to the passage of the Pharmacy Act 1868 as well as tighter legislation in an attempt to prevent the adulteration of food.
We may be looking at criminal adulteration of food on an industrial scale.
Food fraud, or the intentional adulteration of food with cheaper ingredients for economic gain, has made headlines in recent years.
India has long struggled with adulteration of food and milk by unscrupulous traders.
301 [21 USC [section]331] discusses the mislabelling and adulteration of food, cosmetics, drugs or devices and SEC.
Setting maximum limits will help governments differentiate between unavoidable melamine occurrence and the deliberate adulteration of food and feed", the Commission said in a statement.