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or Adunis,
pen name of Ali Ahmad Said Esber, 1930–, Syrian poet and essayist, generally considered the Arab world's greatest living poet. He began writing poetry in the 1950s.
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, Syrian poet.
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You seem to end the "Free Verse" course with Adunis, Shawqi Abi Shaqra, and Muhammad al-Maghut.
Adunis and Yusuf al-Khal: The launching of the Modernist project
Though an acclaimed writer, Ishiguro is an interesting choice, because he isn't a name frequently found on lists of nominees, which often include authors like Haruki Murakami, Adunis, NgE[umlaut]gy[umlaut] wa Thiong'o, Nawal El Saadawi, and Javier MarE[degrees]as.
Japanese write Haruki Murakami, Syrian poet Adunis and U.
Taking its title from a collection by Syrian poet and critic Adunis, her 2015 series "The Pages of Day and Night," is comprised of photogravures (printing plates derived from photos) of plants taken from the Copenhagen herbarium.
Adunis, 1990, An Introduction to Arab Poetics, Austin, TX:
Jabra had originally titled his translation Adunis: dirasah fial-asatir wa-al-adyan al-sharqiyah al-qadimah (Adonis: Studies in the Myths and Religions of the Ancient Orient), but later changed it to Adunis aw Tammuz: dirasah fial-asatir wa-al-adyan al-sharqiyah al-qadimah.
Prominent Syrian poet Adunis said Arabs failed to study and analyse themselves, let alone the West, adding that some Orientalists had studied Arabs in more depth than Arabs themselves did.
in the works of the preeminent modernist poet, Adunis (the pen name of
To read the selection with a memory full of the sophistication of poets such as Mahmoud Darwish, Saadi Yousef, or Adunis is to find it difficult to be impressed by most of Kabbani's work: "Like a fish, / Quick and cowardly in love, / You killed a thousand women inside me / And became the queen"; or "Because my love for you / Is higher than words / I have decided to fall silent.
Works by contemporary Arab poetssuch as Nizar Qabbani, Ghada al-Sammanand Adunis have been well received by Iranian intellectuals.
Terri DeYoung translates letters from Sayyab to Suhayl Idris, Yusuf al-Khal and Adunis, and one of Sayyab's last major poems, " The Balcony of the Nobleman's Daughter .