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or Adunis,
pen name of Ali Ahmad Said, 1930–, Syrian poet and essayist, generally considered the Arab world's greatest living poet. He began writing poetry in the 1950s.
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, Syrian poet.
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Adunis, 1990, An Introduction to Arab Poetics, Austin, TX:
Jabra had originally titled his translation Adunis: dirasah fial-asatir wa-al-adyan al-sharqiyah al-qadimah (Adonis: Studies in the Myths and Religions of the Ancient Orient), but later changed it to Adunis aw Tammuz: dirasah fial-asatir wa-al-adyan al-sharqiyah al-qadimah.
Prominent Syrian poet Adunis said Arabs failed to study and analyse themselves, let alone the West, adding that some Orientalists had studied Arabs in more depth than Arabs themselves did.
in the works of the preeminent modernist poet, Adunis (the pen name of
the Horizons of Writing," 1993), Adunis seeks to delineate his
This harsh admission is particularly salient in the case of Adunis,
Thamud", 1976), Adunis reaffirms his view that language--and poetic
As a quintessential modernist poet, Adunis intratextually refers to
During his long poetic career, Adunis also attempted to enunciate
al-Qur'ani wa-Afaq al-Kitaba, Adunis chooses to portray his poetic
Arab modernist poets, like Adunis, to reflect upon the "true"
To read the selection with a memory full of the sophistication of poets such as Mahmoud Darwish, Saadi Yousef, or Adunis is to find it difficult to be impressed by most of Kabbani's work: "Like a fish, / Quick and cowardly in love, / You killed a thousand women inside me / And became the queen"; or "Because my love for you / Is higher than words / I have decided to fall silent.