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What does it mean when you dream about an advertisement?

Seeing or hearing an advertisement in a dream could mean that one’s unconscious mind is attempting to communicate with the conscious mind. Alternatively, perhaps one wishes either to attract the attention of others or to communicate something about oneself to others.

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A little walnut bark has made my yellow skin a genteel brown, and I've dyed my hair black; so you see I don't answer to the advertisement at all.
I don't know that your assistant is not as remarkable as your advertisement.
I was fairly at the end of my tether at last, and could hardly find the stamps to answer the advertisements or the envelopes to stick them to.
He lives on the little he can get from illustrating advertisements.
The advertisement was quickly written and despatched.
The doctor tapped the advertisement with his forefinger impressively.
Five minutes of desultory reading brought me unexpectedly to an explanation of the advertisement, in the shape of the following paragraph:
Starvation stared me in the face, when I saw in a newspaper an advertisement addressed to me by Mr.
Victor, for instance, said that immediately he landed in San Francisco he would pass right through the water- front and the Barbary Coast, and put an advertisement in the papers.
And from here Caxton sent out the first printed advertisement known in England.
time was the habitual concealment of our better selves--upon the whole, a far less dangerous national error than the habitual advertisement of our better selves, which has become the practice, public and privately, of society in this age.
About six years ago--to be exact, upon the 4th of May, 1882--an advertisement appeared in the Times asking for the address of Miss Mary Morstan and stating that it would be to her advantage to come forward.