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Last year, we worked with BioNano to generate Irys data that allowed us to quickly create and publish a high-resolution genome map of a particularly complex region of Aegilops tauschii genome," said Dr.
2) additional species of Tridcum, Hordeum, Aegilops, and Secale; and 3) grass genera from other Poaceae tribes (e.
The Aegilops genus is the wild ancient wheat and involves 23 species di-tetra and hexaploid [19].
According to Figure (1) and confidence interval (Annex), it was demonstrated that the species related (Aegilops) maintain a high growth rate compared to other genotypes of durum wheat, and even change between different levels stress is constant, so the variety Blikhe exhibits behavior similar to that Aegilops so they are included in the same group, against the Djenahkhetifa variety is characterized by the growth rate of the lowest (35.
1995) tested the effect of translocations in hybrids between Aegilops variabilis Eig (U and S genomes) and Secale cereale (R genome).
Considerations on the evolution and distribution of Aegilops species based on the analyser method.
There are other plants that contain germination inhibitors that act as rain gauges, such as Aegilops geniculata (Datta et al.
Multivariate analysis of morphological variation in accessions of Aegilops crassa from Iran.
Physiological and morphological response to water stress in Aegilops Bamcialis and triticum aestivum genotypes with deffering tolerance to drought.
Karnal bunt resistance in synthetic hexaploid wheats (SH) derived from durum wheat * Aegilops tauschii combinations and in some SH- bread wheat derivatives.