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The number of salt glands per unit leaf area was reported to be equivalent on the adaxial and abaxial leaf epidermis in Aeluropus littoralis (Gouan) Parl.
Ultrastructure of Aeluropus littoralis leaf salt glands under NaCl stress.
Aeluropus littoralis (Gouan) Parl is a C4 perennial halophyte growing on heavy saline marshes and arid inland soil that can tolerate salt (NaCl) up to 600 mM [28].
Protein changes determined in Aeluropus littoralis leaves under 0, 200, and 400mM of NaCl.
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Effects of different levels salinity and water stress on growth characteristics and physiological traits Aeluropus spp.
Both Paspalum paspalodes and Aeluropus littoralis form monospecific stands in the Camargue region of France (Mesleard et al.
Schribner and Aeluropus littoralis (Gouan) in the Camargue (southern France).
In the poaceae family, there are four genera able to excrete salts: Spartina, Aeluropus, Distichlis and Chloris [4].
Study of PAs changes pattern in response to salinity in some halophytic species such Aeluropus littoralis, will be provided better evidences to find a general model of PAs action under salinity stress.
Wild weeds Aeluropus littoralis Eulalia specisa [1,7,13,15, var.