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(1) See Aero.

(2) A broadcast TV streaming service via the Internet, founded by Chet Kanojia. Including DVR storage in the cloud, the content could be viewed in a Web browser, iOS device or on a TV via Apple TV and AirPlay or a Roku set-top box.

Aereo picked up the digital TV signals over the air from the major TV networks via a tiny, individual antenna for each subscriber and converted them to IP packets for transmission over the Internet. Hundreds of thousands of the tiny antennas were packed into a small space. Having started in New York in 2012, by 2014 Aereo was in 10 cities with 16 more planned.

Controversial and Then Bankruptcy
Just as the MP3 format revolutionized the music world, the Aereo concept might have transformed the TV industry. However, Aereo was sued by the major TV networks to stop transmitting unless it paid them fees as do the cable and satellite TV companies. With three court decisions in Aereo's favor in 2012 and 2013, the company continued until mid-2014 when the Supreme Court ruled against it, and Aereo suspended service. In November 2014, Aereo filed for bankruptcy. For more information, visit

The Aereo Antenna
Aereo maintained its service was legal, because each of these antennas served only one subscriber, who had to reside within the geographic area an over-the-air TV antenna would pick up. (Image courtesy of Aereo, Inc.)
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Agency : Reparto Tecnico Logistico Amministrativo Aereo della Guardia di Finanza
The company asserts that services like Aereo should not be necessary, as the major networks should be going online themselves instead of missing the massive revenue opportunity from over 10 million U.
The money will help Aereo expand beyond the 10 metropolitan areas it currently serves.
In arguments before the court in April, the broadcasters contended that Aereo and similar services threatened to cut into a vital revenue stream -- the billions of dollars they receive from cable and satellite companies in retransmission fees, the money paid to networks and local stations for the right to retransmit their programming.
The 2nd Circuit wrote that Aereo offers the functionality of three devices: "a standard TV antenna, a DVR, and a Slingbox-like device.
r=1&) ruled on April 1 that Aereo does not violate copyright laws, some network officials are threatening extreme action.
Summary - Milestone has partnered with Omni Taxi Aereo of Brazil to provide 100% lease financing for the addition of 2 new Sikorsky 76C++ (US$23,000,000 at retail prices) - Omni Taxi Aereo, Brazil's second largest helicopter operator by fleet size, is growing rapidly to meet the needs of Petrobras and the Brazilian oil and gas industry
However, we believe in this case a key difference is that Cablevision was paying licensing fees to content owners in order to broadcast the signals and offer the remote DVRs while Aereo is not.
Address : GrupaciEn del Acuartelamiento Aereo Tablada, Jefatura de la SecciEn EconEmico Administrativa 12, Negociado de ContrataciEn
Aereo decision in which the Supreme Court overturned the Second Circuit's ruling and found that Aereo's business model violates copyright law because it performs copyrighted works publicly under the Transmit Clause of the Copyright Act.
The high court heard arguments in a dispute between television broadcasters and Aereo Inc.
Spanish airline Iberia said yesterday that it has reduced its fares by 35% on the Puente Aereo ('Air Bridge') shuttle service between Madrid and Barcelona.