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In some Vista builds (4074, 5048), LDDM is already supported to run Aero Glass.
Among other time and money saving InstallAware benefits are, up to 67% smaller setup packages, building setups with partially web deployed segments (such as for application runtimes), a one-click patch authoring process which builds binary patches simply by referencing old installer versions, full support for all Windows versions from the original release of Windows 95 Gold to the latest 64 bit version of Windows Server 2008, fully customizable dialogs, interactive HTML or Flash content as progress billboards, custom Vista Aero Glass regions, and unattended deployment via Active Directory Group Policy or other network deployment technologies.
These new features include a full screen viewing mode that takes advantage of Aero Glass by allowing SlingPlayer controls and customized TV remote controls to transparently overlay on top of the video stream from the Slingbox.