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(1) See Aereo.

(2) (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open) The user interface in Windows Vista and 7 (discontinued in Windows 8). The visual experience the user receives depends on the Windows version and display adapter in the computer. The full Aero interface is provided starting with the Home Premium versions of Windows as long as the display adapter is capable. See Windows Vista and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Aero's Flip 3D Feature
All open applications can be displayed as floating 3D windows and made to rotate. Clicking the window brings it back into 2D form. The desktop also becomes a floating window (at the back in this example). Selecting the desktop minimizes all open applications. See Flip 3D.

The "Glass" Look
Translucent window borders, called "Aero Glass," are part of the Aero look.
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In addition, Strat Aero has raised approximately GBP 1.
The takeover of Aero Kinetics is worth $24 million with incentives, would create extension in the UAS sector that would enable Aero Kinetics to widen its U.
Marcus Bryson, CEO - GKN Aerospace and Land Systems, said, Bringing Volvo Aero into GKN Aerospace creates a powerful enterprise with a strong and balanced offering to the airframe and aero-engine primes.
Volvo Aero Norge manufactures components for commercial and military aero engines.
We are delighted with this agreement, which will reinforce our position as a long-term partner of Snecma," says Odd Tore Kurverud, president of Volvo Aero Norway.
At Aero India, Textron Defense Systems will feature its precision strike, air launched weapons, including Sensor Fuzed Weapon, and the BLU-108 and Selectively Targeted Skeet (STS) submunitions.
Volvo Aero has been a risk and revenue sharing partner in the LM6000[R], a gas turbine primarily intended for industrial applications, since 1996.
PWR has chosen Volvo Aero for its extensive experience in development and manufacturing of rocket nozzles.
CPI Aero also announced today the retirement of its founder and Chairman Emeritus, Arthur August, effective December 31, 2006.
Air Force has released its 2007 order to CPI Aero under the T-38 Talon trainer aircraft program.
Please call in 10 minutes before the conference is scheduled to begin and ask for the CPI Aero call.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Volvo Aero (NASDAQ:VOLV) (STO:VOLVA) (STO:VOLVB) (BSE:VLV) has initiated codetermination negotiations with the trade unions relating to the closure Volvo Aero Engine Services in Bromma, which conducts overhaul of large aircraft engines.