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see AthelstanAthelstan
or Æthelstan
, d. 939, king of Wessex (924–39), son and successor of Edward the Elder. After coming to the throne, he vigorously built up his kingdom on the foundations established by his grandfather Alfred.
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With the exception of Armitage Robinson's often overlooked Oxford University Ford Lectures from 1923 and two articles of fundamental importance by Michael Wood in the early 1980s, historians have tended to steer clear of anything like a biography of AEthelstan.
This organization allows her look at AEthelstan as more than simply a record of his charters and battles.
In a charter from 929 AEthelstan is described as 'dispensing the kingly government of all Albion'.
Veronica Ortenberg asks whether AEthelstan mattered in continental affairs--he did, and the stability of the House of Wessex helped.
Hywel appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as an under-king to Wessex's AEthelstan, but the earliest evidence for the law itself dates from 300 years after the historic Hywel lived.
7 of the code known IV AEthelstan (The Laws ofthe Earliest English Kings, ed.
The later bishop of Winchester spent his early years in that same town in the court of King Aethelstan (924-39), who--sharing the enthusiasm of his grandfather, Alfred the Great (d.
De la Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Annals 755, 855-78 and The Reign of Aethelstan and The Battle of Brunanburh.
undated find of a further Edgar believed to be from Ireland and an AEthelstan found in Skye (1891) are suggestive of Viking plundering in the west of Britain.
In the saga, Hakon is raised in the Christian court of AEthelstan of England, and he brings his religion with him when he takes the throne of Norway at the age of fifteen.
42) The Battle of Brunanburh from The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 937 describes King AEthelstan as a beahgifa (2) and depicts his role as protector of his kingdom in terms of the defence of treasure.
23) The regions of Kent, Surrey, and East and South Saxon England are passed to Egbert's other son, AEthelstan.