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The scope of the project will be expanded to include all areas of the emirate and its affiliated areas in Masfout and Manama to ensure that the customer receives high quality services in record time.
For his part, Director General of Nineveh police, Brigadier General Wathiq Hamdani confirmed the arrival of local police forces to Hamdania and its affiliated areas to catch the ground.
They observed elections in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and affiliated areas and joined its regional GEM teams that were deployed in various small cities and rural areas.
administered by the NPS, include affiliated areas and national heritage
Dozens of cases have been registered against those arrested in the criminal activities in the police stations of Sharafi Goth, Quaidabad, Landhi, and of affiliated areas.
He added that the Governorate of Dhofar has privileged as other Governorates in the Sultanate with comprehensive developmental renaissance that covered different Wilayat and Niyabats and their affiliated areas, adding that Dhofar municipality has tried in this regard to carry out a number of important development projects that has contributed in developing and modernizing the infrastructure of many of its towns, thus participated in providing many of the requirement of modern city.
Beirut's graffiti, old or new, was used to divide the city into its many politically affiliated areas.
Junaid Younus said that the operation namely 'Rah-e-Nijat' resulted in enforcing the writ of the government in Swat, Saidu Sharif and affiliated areas.
Elaborating he said: "The first training centre is at Centrepoint in Fujairah for the members of the election college and the affiliated areas, while the second is at Lulu Hypermarket in Diba city for members of the city and adjoining areas.
RAWALPINDI, March 26, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Unhygienic and adulterated oil, Ghee and butter are openly on sale in Rawalpindi Cantt and other affiliated areas of Rawalpindi but District Management is paying no attention, Citizens complained here on Friday.
Sources said situation at Khanpur dam would better only if Abbottabad and affiliated areas receive heavy rainfall.

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