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Establishment of a new forest by seeding or planting on nonforested land.



the cultivation of forests in areas that previously did not have them, by sowing seeds or planting young seedlings or saplings. The selection of afforestation methods is determined by economic considerations and by soil and climatic conditions. Different methods of sowing, such as broadcasting and drill seeding, are used. Planting stock grown from seeds and obtained from cuttings is used in afforestation.

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Our new Exchange Forestry Offset (XFO) contract combines both afforestation and sustainably managed provisions in a single document.
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Moshe Rivlin, world chairman of the jewish National Fund, is speaking of Israel and its amazing afforestation program.
The CAG's report on compensatory afforestation states that based on an ineligible certificate issued by the chief secretary of MP, the ministry of environment and forests ( MoEF) exempted the company from providing 1,384.
The contract is for the implementation of afforestation of agricultural land with soil preparation, cultivation of crops and protection against damage from animals in the context of environmental compensation in the wielkopolski national park.
According to former Project Tiger director PK Sen, the whole concept of afforestation practiced since 1960 in the country has boomeranged.
This he said while addressing a briefing session regarding afforestation along road network in hilly areas, arranged by experts of Forest Department Punjab and UNIDO,said a press release isseud here Friday.
Fifty-percent afforestation would brake it by an even tinier 0.
New Delhi, Nov 19 (ANI): The Ministry of Environment and Forests will give away 'Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Awards' 2010 on Friday to recognize the pioneering and innovative contribution made by individuals and institutions in the field of afforestation and wasteland development.
The Turkish minister said his country exerted efforts to fight off desertification and erosion under a UN convention, adding that Turkey also launched an action plan that aimed at the afforestation of 2.
In addition to its afforestation programs to combat desertification, TMC also created the Toyota Environmental Protection Aid Program for China's Youth and is supporting local activities to protect the environment.
Environment Minister Mohammed Rahal met Wednesday noon an American delegation from the US agriculture department which is specialized in Afforestation.