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, Afghani
1. a native, citizen, or inhabitant of Afghanistan
2. another name for Pashto (the language)



the monetary unit of Afghanistan, introduced in 1926, replacing the Kabul rupee. The afghani is divided into 100 puls. On the exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR, 100 afghanis were equal to 2 rubles, 1 kopek (April 1970).

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I am looking forward to driving this strategic focus and offering the bank's corporate and institutional customers a wide range of innovative products and services," said Al Afghani.
I had turned all my Pakistani rupees into Afghanis out of fear of the police but the shopkeeper who values the rupee and Afghani at the same rate did not take fewer Afghanis from me," says Qayum.
Jamal ad-Din Afghani was "the advocate of Muslim unity and was less interested in theology than in organizing a Muslim response of Western pressure.
The Afghani civilians in the village, however, are not part of the charade and act normally as if they are in their hometown, which helps soldiers quickly adapt to the Afghani environment, Fazel Baria, the village supervisor, said.
The money raised goes toward assistance programs meant to give Afghani women freedom, a sense of self-worth, and a future for their children.
Islamic prosecutors of Abdul Rahman had sought his death for "apostasy," even though the Afghani constitution decrees the right to freedom of religion.
What are your thoughts on how Afghans--particularly Afghani women--are being treated in the States right now?
A money dealer in the city attributed the plunge in the Afghani to rumors that new currency notes being printed by the Afghan government would not only replace the Afghani, but that the Afghani would be demonetized at the same time.
There are several versions of the afghani currency in circulation.
He immigrated with the last wave of Afghani Jews, from 1975 to 1982, at the age of 17.
Some of the Afghani nationals on the aircraft have returned home, but most are still seeking asylum in the UK.
For those unfamiliar with Afghani food, it appears to combine Middle Eastern and Indian elements.

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