African Burial Ground National Monument

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African Burial Ground National Monument

Address:Office of Public Education and Interpretation
290 Broadway
New York, NY 19106

Size: 0.35 acres.
Established: In 1991, the remains of more than 400 17th and 18th century Africans were discovered during pre-construction work for a federal building in New York City. Site is part of a seven-acre National Historic Landmark established on April 19, 1993. Designated a National Monument on February 27, 2006.
Location:In Lower Manhattan, at the corners of Duane and Elk streets, adjacent to the Ted Weiss Federal Building at 290 Broadway.
Activities:Memorial Site is open for public visitation Monday through Friday. Plans are underway to build the African Burial Ground Interpretive Center. When completed in 2008, the Center will provide opportunities to learn about the free and enslaved Africans who lived and worked in Manhattan and were interred in the 17th and 18th century African Burial Ground. Development of the Memorial and the Interpretive Center will be carried out through interagency collaboration between the National Park Service and the General Services Administration, working in conjunction with the public for partnership and ideas.
Special Features:From the 1690s to the 1790s, the African Burial Ground served as the final resting place of enslaved and free Africans in New York City, New York. It contains the remains of those interred, as well as the archeological resources and artifacts associated with their burials.

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In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious commission for design and construction of the African Burial Ground Memorial in New York City, which is the only national monument in the United States dedicated to the contributions of people of African descent.
He also played a national leadership role in preserving and memorializing New York City's African Burial Ground, establishing it as a national monument within the National Parks system and producing the reinterment and dedication ceremonies.
McKee scored the music for the well-received cable documentary on the Lower Manhattan African Burial Ground, as well as numerous infomercials.
Tulsa's "Black Wall Street" and the African Burial Ground in New York City).
Among their topics are the origins and biocultural dimensions in bioarchaeology, representativeness and bias in archaeological skeletal samples, life histories of enslaved Africans in colonial New York as revealed by a bioarchaeological study of the New York African Burial Ground, the bioarchaeological investigation of children and childhood, and diet and dental health through the life course in Roman Italy.
Cited for being a model of excellence in architectural design, energy conservation and cultural service to New York City as home of the expanding colonial-era African Burial Ground and Museum, the Ted Weiss Federal Office Building also fulfills the government's commitment to showcasing works of American artists.
Meanwhile, Chase-Riboud entered the competition to create a memorial sculpture for the African burial ground that was discovered north of Wall Street in Manhattan.
Cultural Sights/Events--The African Burial Ground (290 Broadway), cemetery for 20,000 African Americans in the 1700s; 33rd Annual International African Arts Festival (July 2004, 718-638-6700), family gathering, performances, food, crafts.
While prominent corporate collections were demolished in the collapse, lesser-known holdings such as artifacts from an eighteenth-century African burial ground and historical documents of the Helen Keller International Foundation suffered a similar fate.
It seems perhaps an odd coupling at first: a grand display of third- to tenth-century terra-cotta funerary sculptures from the West African burial ground Bura-Asinda-Sikka; and Simon Frost's eloquently delicate drawings, most in graphite, others in gouache, ink, and watercolor, all from the 90s.

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