African Methodist Episcopal Church

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African Methodist Episcopal Church,

Methodist denomination (see MethodismMethodism,
the doctrines, polity, and worship of those Protestant Christian denominations that have developed from the movement started in England by the teaching of John Wesley.
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). It was established in 1816 in Philadelphia with Richard AllenAllen, Richard,
1760–1831, American clergyman, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born a slave in Philadelphia and purchased his freedom. He became pastor of a black group that had seceded from the Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.
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 as its first bishop. In 1991 there were about 3.5 million members in the United States.
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In more than one place, Melton refers to Frederick Douglass's affiliation with the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AMEZ) Church shortly after his escape from slavery.
White, Allen, Coker and Payne are early founders of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church; Pierce's analysis of White's role as an early founder helps us to understand the interracial struggles the three founders faced as well as the intraracial power struggles inherent in the establishment of the AME church.
Walls, The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church: Reality of the Black Church (Charlotte, NC: A.
For example, at Chapple's college, which is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church, collecting students in safe places to wait out a storm involves keeping the men and women in separate dorms.
Joe Darby of Morris Brown African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.
ITEM: "Speaking to the African Methodist Episcopal Church world conference in Indianapolis" Democratic' presidential candidate John Kerry, "called for 'a new era of responsibility' that asks as much of government as it does of citizens.
He told the First African Methodist Episcopal Church: 'Now Heaven has a maestro.
His voice has rarely been heard beyond the walls of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; however, his contributions to sociology, social welfare, and the church serve as a model of integration for scholars, social workers, and ministers.
As the birthplace of the African Methodist Episcopal church, founded here by former slave Richard Allen, Old City is also home to the Mother Bethel A.
Ironically, the Institute of Medicine's Unequal Treatment study was released the week Perez was scheduled to complete four years of preparation to become ordained as an African Methodist Episcopal minister.
Earlier in the year I interviewed Jimmy Carter about his new status as a former Southern Baptist, visited the church of the first woman bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and covered the plight of homeless single fathers at a California rescue mission.
Following the Civil War home missionaries of the Northern Methodist Episcopal Church and of the African Methodist Episcopal Church came into the South and organized a number of blacks into their churches.

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