African ebony

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Wood of a number of tropical species usually distinguished by its dark color, durability, and hardness; used for carving, ornamental cabinetwork, etc.
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When stained black, holly resembles the much sought-after African ebony wood.
The few pieces of furniture consist of tall backed chairs, benches, tables and counters, all made of African ebony.
From the AAA solid wood Alaskan Sitka spruce straight grained top to the hand selected book matched AAA solid Indian rosewood back and sides to the African ebony fretboard and bridge we have attended to every detail.
East African blackwood, African blackwood, Ebene de Mozambique, pao preto, grenadill, Cape danson, African ebony, dialbam, koffo, kio, jeti-edo, munjo, motangu, poyi, mpingo, muengom, samachi, and chella, funiti, shami, babanus, begbio, bokango faiti, rit, and tarem.
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