Horn of Africa

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Horn of Africa,

peninsula, NE Africa, opposite the S Arabia Peninsula. Also known as the Somali Peninsula, it encompasses Somalia and E Ethiopia and is the easternmost extension of the continent, separating the Gulf of Aden from the Indian Ocean. The term Horn of Africa is also used for the surrounding African region, consisting of the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, and, in some cases, Sudan and other neighboring nations.

Horn of Africa

a region of NE Africa, comprising Somalia and adjacent territories
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The meeting also shed light on coordination aspects between Yemen and Ethiopia in the field of organizing workforce as well as curbing the illegal immigration, mainly in the light of the mounting illegal immigration by African Horn citizens to Yemen.
During the meeting they discussed ways of enhancing relations between the two countries and reviewed regional and international issues of mutual concern to their countries, particularly the situation in the African Horn.
UK led the international effort in relief of thousands of victims of the African Horn Hunger Crisis, and the time has come to offer aid to the affected areas in west of Africa, Mitchel affirmed.
He drew the attention to the role being played by the Sultanate in supporting and assisting the countries of the African Horn, and wished that the Sultanate will open its embassy in Nairobi soon.
The project is one o the most important projects in the Gulf region due to its strategic location between the Sultanate and the Yemeni Republic; the land gateway for the AGCC trade targeting Yemen and African Horn.
London, Aug 19 (ANI): The African horn 'vuvuzela' has made its way to the Oxford Dictionary of English after becoming the sound of the World Cup.
The South African horn has taken the World Cup by storm but the constant noise has been likened to the drone of a swarm of giant bees.
They will also experience the unique sound of the African horn, called a vuvuzela, which is blown by most avid South African soccer supporters.
The final statement of the Forum underlined the leaders' keenness on establishing security and stability in the African Horn and calming down conflicts in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti through diplomatic channels.
The long-awaited 'going-live' of the submarine cable has been held up because of possible pirate attacks on installation vessels off the African Horn coast.
He also said that UNHCR provides aids to more than 240,000 refugees who came from the African Horn, Iraq and Syria to Yemen.
During his speech at the inauguration ceremony, Qatari Assistant Foreign Minister for International Cooperation Affairs Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Jabor Al Thani indicated that 2011 witnessed acute humanitarian crises as a result of the drought at the African Horn in addition to armed conflicts and internal disruptions.

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