see Philippine Independent ChurchPhilippine Independent Church,
religious body that separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1902 and rejected the spiritual authority of the pope. It is known popularly as the Aglipayan Church, after its founder Gregorio Aglipay.
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Guerrero, converting Aglipayans and Aetas in Zambales province, and working as parish priest of San Vicente Ferrer Parish and Sta.
Aglipayans have grown in number, with latest nationwide membership placed at two million, mostly in Northern Luzon, particularly Aglipay's Ilocos region.
Aglipayans believe in the Holy Trinity and Apostolic teachings of the Lord.
Undertake dialogues with groups claiming to be Aglipayans to initiate reconciliation and heal factionalism and divisions.
Aglipayans in the Philippines number at least two million members, while congregations are found in North America, Europe and Asia.
He was sent to San Antonio town, converting Aglipayans and Aetas to Catholicism.
The faith is not only for Aglipayans in Noveleta, as the image also visits IFI parishes in Cavite City and even in Malabon, where the IFI houses another miraculous image of Mary.
Nanay Paz, taken from Nuestra Senora de la Paz y Buenviaje, was brought to the Aglipayan Church by a faith healer, which the elders referred to as Nanay-or Santa-Teresa, on Nov.
Those saying they have sufficient knowledge of the BBL were only 13 percent of Catholics, compared to 27 percent of Iglesia ni Cristos, 29 percent of Protestants and Aglipayans, and a majority 59 percent of Muslims.
The members of the church are called Aglipayans after its first supreme head, Fr.
The Aglipayan Church, officially the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) or the Philippine Independent Church, follows the same Holy Week observance as the Roman Catholic Church, according to Rev.
On the other hand, Protestants (+21) and Aglipayans (+16) feel somewhat warmer, and Iglesia ni Cristos (-20) feel somewhat colder, toward Muslims.