Agnes Scott College

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Agnes Scott College,

at Decatur, Ga.; Presbyterian, U.S.; for women; founded 1889 as the Decatur Female Seminary, chartered 1906 as Agnes Scott College.
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Everything was neat and tidy," lead author Chris De Pree, a professor of astronomy and director of the Bradley Observatory at Agnes Scott College, said.
Agnes Scott College, a women's liberal arts school in Decatur, Georgia, with under 1,000 students, was a charter member.
15-16, Shapiro and Smith Dance, Presser Hall, Agnes Scott College, 141 East College Ave, 404/471-6035
Pringle earned a liberal arts degree from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga.
Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, soon put out a statement on its website reaffirming its institutional strength and extending a welcome to Sweet Briar students.
Madrid, Spain) and Johnson (history, Agnes Scott College, US) bring together English, history, literature, American studies, and other scholars from the US and Europe who present 16 essays that originated as papers given at the 2007 conference of the Collegium for African American Research in Madrid, Spain.
Edwards remains active in her community, and has previously served in various leadership roles with groups such as the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Agnes Scott College, the Small-to-Midsized Business Council, and the Regional Education Policy Committee at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.
In the new research, scientists Heidi Lyn and William Hopkins from Agnes Scott College and Jamie Russell from the Yerkes National Primate Research Center examined if exposure to different human communicative environments would affect understanding of declarative signals in chimpanzees and bonobos.
It was an exciting occasion, the completion of the first freestanding chapel in the 120-year history of Agnes Scott College (Ga.
Marys High School and attended Agnes Scott College in Georgia.