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Leproust is disrupting the current process of gene synthesis to enable the exponential growth of synthetic biology applications in multiple fields including medicine, agricultural biology and industrial chemicals.
At the age of 23, Ted began his career as the golf course superintendent at Winged Foot Golf Club in New York after studying agricultural biology at McGill University and turfgrass management at the University of Massachusetts.
Industrial chemical manufacturers, drug makers, diagnostic companies and agricultural biology companies can all use synthetic DNA to help them research or directly create products.
Greg Lucier, Chairman/CEO of California-based Life Technologies, addressed how technologies the company has introduced for sequencing the human genome can also be used to study and advance agricultural biology.
Gene Expression, cancer diagnostics & treatments, drug discovery, genetics (DNA sequencing by hybridization, reverse genetics, functional genomics and genomic mismatch scanning, gene mapping, diagnosis), SNP analysis, screening & monitoring of patient data during clinical trials, proteomics, toxicogenomics, microbial genotyping, agricultural biology, and environmental control.
SIR - In his recent letter to The Western Mail Mike German maintains the view that the National Institute of Agricultural Biology report on GM contamination which has caused such a fuss within the Assembly was of no great significance.
McPhail, who graduated from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, in 1971 with a degree in agricultural biology, plans to put up a good fight for the career where he planted his roots decades ago.
According to Bruce Holm, the chief financial officer of Agra Quest, an agricultural biology company that made a pitch at a recent fair, "After the presentation, we were swarmed by interested potential investors.
Synthetic Genomics is making advancements in various scientific applications, such as vaccine development, agricultural biology, organ transplantation, and alternative food, energy and chemical source development.
The synthetic promoters produced by Synpromics will have applications in life science R&D, biologics production, novel diagnostics, gene therapy, and agricultural biology.
As the costs and time to sequence genomes collapse, science is taking the guesswork out of health care and agricultural biology.
Its main mission is to increase and accelerate usage of Cellectis' proprietary technology in agricultural biology, broaden the company's platform to attract new and expanded licensing opportunities and explore the development of proprietary traits for selected applications.

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