Agricultural Commune

Commune, Agricultural


a form of agricultural production cooperative that arose during the first years of Soviet power. Land tenure and all means of production (buildings, small implements, and livestock) were socialized in the agricultural commune. Members’ consumption and consumer services were based completely on the public farm, and distribution was equalized, not on the basis of labor but on the basis of the number of mouths to feed. Members did not have their own personal supplementary farms. Agricultural communes were organized primarily on lands that formerly had belonged to landlords and monasteries, and from the state they received, in addition to the land, residential and farm buildings, implements, and other forms of assistance free of charge. As the kolkhoz movement developed, the agricultural commune proved to be an impracticable form of cooperation, since it could not ensure the proper combination of personal and public interests and material incentive linked with the results of labor. It was for this reason that the agricultural communes were transformed into kolkhozes in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.


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Ta Ngai Cho remains purely an agricultural commune, with age-old traditions in agricultural production that rely on outdated extensive farming methods, the access to and application of scientific and technical advances into productive activity is very limited, public intellect is low while professional, technical, organizational capacities, skills are low as well.
AaThis beautiful pastoral little kibbutz or agricultural commune, is on the Mediterranean coast just a stone's throw from Gaza to the north.
The rocket landed at the kibbutz or agricultural commune of Reim, in the southern Israeli Eshkol region, an Israeli military spokesman said on Thursday.
The Wolf Creek community was attempting to survive as a largely self-sufficient agricultural commune, and practical concerns were paramount.
In a separate incident, Israeli police killed a militant who broke into a home in Maor, an Israeli agricultural commune near the northern West Bank boundary.
The rocket landed at the kibbutz or agricultural commune of Re'im, in the southern Israeli Eshkol region, an Israeli military spokesman said on Thursday.
A reaction to the often grim conditions sparked various back-to-the-land movements, such as the English Land Colonisation Society formed to help resettle unemployed workers and their families in self-sufficient agricultural communes.
In April 1975, the Khmer Rouge regime drove the population out of cities, towns and villages under a plan of social engineering which saw Cambodia turned into agricultural communes with the people forced into labour camps.
The Wind That Shakes The Barley (15) Land and Freedom with Irish accents and no dialectic about agricultural communes, Ken Loach charts the birth of the IRA in the face of British brutality and the post Partition divisions that literally turned brother against brother.

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