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During manufacturing, the mycelium digests the agricultural byproducts, assembling them together to yield a structural material capable of tight binding.
A patented continuous steam pasteurization process cleans and prepares the blend of agricultural byproducts, ridding them of any mold or bacterial contamination that may have come from the field.
Keeping in view the use of various agricultural byproducts, present studies were carried out to assess the yield potential of different oyster mushroom (Pleurotus species) strains on different substrates available in Southern Punjab.
Most of the lignocellulosic agricultural byproducts have cellulose content of about 40-45% but the composition of the milkweed stems is not known.
In order to increase the nutritional quality of straws and agricultural byproducts, different strategies have been used to disrupt the carbohydrates-lignin complex, facilitate the access of the cellulolitic microorganisms to the structural carbohydrates and improve the quality and nutritive value of straw (Langar et al.
The experiment, to be conducted from Monday until November at a Chubu Electric facility in Kawagoe, Mie Prefecture, is part of the nation's efforts to develop biomass energy technology, which converts wood wastes, manure and other agricultural byproducts into energy.
Thailand generates electricity from agricultural byproducts such as rice husks and sugar cane stalks and several rice mills and sugar factories have been using biomass resources to generate electricity, Suphakij said.
In recent years, the industry has refocused on carbohydrates, using agricultural byproducts as sources of fat mimetics.
Rice hulls and other agricultural byproducts are usually available in areas where crops are grown.
Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) and Ecovative Design LLC completed an agreement to accelerate the production, sales and distribution of Ecovative's EcoCradle[R] Mushroom[R] Packaging, a new technology for environmentally responsible packaging materials made from agricultural byproducts and mycelium, or "mushroom roots".
Earlier studies showed that adding alum to poultry litter, swine manure, and other agricultural byproducts substantially mitigates phosphorus release.
These units are usually fueled by natural gas or petroleum, but can also burn landfill gas or agricultural byproducts.

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