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The Nebraska Cooperative Council is the state's major trade association representing agricultural cooperatives.
Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation offered to consider the use of public production facilities, equipment, and garages for creation of a pilot agricultural cooperatives based on voluntary association of farmers in cooperation with the State Property Fund, the bill on the establishment of agricultural cooperatives said.
TyFLyS (CyHAN)- The European Union (EU) will allocate 15 million euros to Georgia for the development of agricultural cooperatives.
The Banlad Agricultural Cooperatives is preparing plans to expand capacity to meet increased demand through public relations development in order to increase the participation of members, along with expanding cultivation areas by approx.
He said that the theme of the year "agricultural cooperatives - key to feeding the world" rightly points out the important role agricultural cooperatives and small farmers can play in improving food security and eradicating hunger and undernourishment.
Many of the top agricultural cooperatives have already confirmed their attendance.
BAMYAN CITY (PAN): Agricultural cooperatives on Monday distributed tractors in central Bamyan province, marking the launch of a three-year agriculture development project, an official said.
Norinchukin, the central bank for agricultural cooperatives, will offer low-interest loans and investment under the package to be formalized at its board meeting Thursday, the sources said.
Summary: Berlin - A delegation of representatives of Moroccan agricultural cooperatives are on a visit to Germany to learn from the European country's experience in the agricultural field.
Summary: Marwa Tarchichi, a 12-year-old girl, was killed by gunfire in the Riyak area of the Bekaa, near one of the region's large agricultural cooperatives, according to a security report on Monday.
The bureau is in charge of the modernization project, under which the ministry offers subsidies to agricultural cooperatives for building modern facilities.
Examples include dividends paid on deposits by thrift institutions, to life insurance policyholders and by agricultural cooperatives that are not related to stock.

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