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They fall from the grace when they falsely ascribe creation to Ahriman.
You are aided by Princess Elika, whose father is responsible for releasing Ahriman.
Halia, a skilled young woman forced into a life of thievery; Ahriman, a skilled and powerful sorcerer; and Xarun, a hulking, fierce and at best tactless warrior, must combine their strengths to brave magical worlds and ruthless threats that none of them could hope to confront alone.
Haba in his opera on his own libretto written with the help of Ferdinand Pujman, places social classes in opposition, allegorised into a duel between the anthroposophical symbols Lucifer and Ahriman.
Sellisteks olenditeks on naiteks pimeduseprints Ahriman (= Angra Mainyu, kes on ka zoroastrismis peamine kurjuse kehastus), Ohrmizd (= Ahura Mazda, kes on aga maniluses degradeeritud peajumalast esimeseks inimeseks, kes langeb pimedusejoudude ohvriks), Mihr (= jumal Mithra), kes on partia ja sogdi manihheistlikus traditsioonis Valguse Isa kolmas saadik (96) jpt.
4] Still, the fact that Ahura Mazda was creator of Ahriman, his rival, was a major point of difference.
In the beginning, this Adam-before-Adam was the third mind of the world, but he was so carried away with himself that he went astray; when he recovered from his vertigo, he cast Iblis and Ahriman, his fellow travelers in iniquity, into hell and returned to the heavens, where he was now no longer the third but the tenth mind, because in the meantime seven heavenly cherubim had overtaken him on the ladder of angels.
The difference lies in the conception of the cosmic forces of Ahuramazda and Ahriman, good and evil, respectively.
Ahriman was the Satan of Zoroastrianism, and his presence in Mithraic sancta speaks volumes about the real nature of this mystery cult.
As a sign of gratitude, Zahak asked what he wanted in return and Ahriman asked to kiss the king's shoulders.
The Ahriman Gate is a novel about a nightmarish scenario of shadow governmental secrets, ghastly genetic manipulation, and the brink of discoveries that could spell the end of the world.
The writer in her explanation of the source of evil maintains that it is the devil spirit of Ahriman who also was uncreated and used his formidable power to oppose Ahura Mazda.