Ai Qing

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Ai Qing:

see Ai Ch'ingAi Ch'ing
or Ai Qing
, pseud. of Chiang Hai-ch'eng
or Jiang Haicheng,
1910–96, Chinese poet. After studying painting in France (1929–32), where he discovered realist literature and was particularly influenced by the Belgian poet
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Alongside the exhibition, the YSP has been given permission to present readings of poetry by Ai Qing, Ai's father, who initially supported Mao but was sent to a labour camp with 'his family for the crime of 'rightism.
Many had assumed that as the son of Ai Qing, one of the country's most revered poets, Ai Weiwei would be spared.
Weiwei grew up on the edge of the Gobi Desert, where his late father, Ai Qing, a poet, was exiled during the Cultural Revolution.
Born in 1957, he is the son of late Chinese poet Ai Qing, who was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), but today is revered as a leading poet.
In 2002, the city of Jinhua commissioned Ai to design a riverside park as a memorial to his late father, Ai Qing, an experimental poet who was banished to the far west of China in the anti-intellectual campaign of 1958.