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an urban-type settlement in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR. Population, 2,000 (1968). Railroad station 41 km northwest of Sverdlovsk. Local peat is drum-shredded for the enterprises of Sverdlovsk in Aiat’

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The study of activity of AIAT produced by them with the help of ELISA test revealed that AIAT produced by the 2D9, 2G9 hybridoma cells preserved their activity.
In order to accumulate preparative amount of AIAT, the cells in the CF with most active AIAT were injected to BALB/c mice.
AIAT were isolated from ascitic fluid by the double salting out of ammonium sulfate.
Preliminary analysis of purified monoclonal AIAT from the ascetic fluid was carried out using indirect ELISA test.
In the second variant, we used plates sensitized with 5 (Am of AIAT per well as an antigen.
In accordance with the data of Tables 1 and 2, AIAT produced by 2G9 strain were more active.
After washing and development of preparation with chloronaphthol, the strips appeared in AIAT reaction with positive antisera.
Analysis of AIAT immunochemical activity in ELISA test allows us to conclude on the presence of At2p antibodies in the study population.