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store has installed air curtains, dedicated outdoor air dehumidification, high-efficiency rooftop HVAC units, CO2 refrigeration systems, a green roof and energy recovery equipment, all of which were successfully tested in previous stores.
Therefore, to alter each variable, a modular, versatile, flexible experimental equipment referred to as the Proof-Of-Concept Air Curtain (POCAC), or simulator, was designed and constructed for conducting the infiltration and mass flow rate tests by tracer gas.
Although the air curtain cannot be used to improve IAQ or meet ventilation requirements, it offers benefits related to energy consumption and thermal comfort.
By using two complete units, they could test two different groups of air curtains at the same time.
In addition the Air Curtain Burners are environmentally cleaner than the grinding and trucking operation as proven again with the testing completed by the USEPA and USACE at Floyd Bennett Field.
The Walk-In cooler Efficiency Kit includes a pre-wired control/load center with enclosure, magnetic reed on/off door switch and a K-Zone air curtain that's engineered specifically for walk-in coolers/freezers, according to company officials.
The standard model is the same width as the market-leading Husky C5 but in a convenient, open design with double air curtain and two illuminated branding areas.
The sensor has an integral air curtain around the external measurement window, which is designed to eliminate the accumulation of contaminants and condensation from the optical path.
Simulation was carried by varying the various parameters including the flow rates and keeping the interest in maintaining an unbroken air curtain.
For the horizontal refrigerated display cases, the simulation by Cui and Wang (2004) is the only one that is in line with measured temperature profile at the outlet of the air curtain.
Biddle--the company whose research led to a breakthrough in air curtain technology--has launched a short film to highlight the problems associated with inefficient barriers between internal and external environments in coldstores.