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Currently, the groundwater entering two wells is treated using an air stripper, which forces air through groundwater to remove harmful chemicals.
After the contaminants, which are related to cleaning solvent, were discovered decades ago, an air stripper was added to the Follette Street well to remove the volatile organic compounds.
Under that plan, the air stripper that cleans the library groundwater could be shut off after three years, according to DEQ plans.
This marks the first self-contained air stripper that has been certified by NSF International, an independent global organization that writes public health standards and certifies products for water, food and consumer goods.
The air stripper will become increasingly necessary, because as the amount of ballast water needing treatment declines, so does the food source for the oil-degrading bacteria in the BTTs.
Care should be taken with the stripper, whether it is a hot air stripper, a blowtorch or a chemical jelly.
A hot air stripper is a convenient alternative to a blowlamp for softening and stripping old paint, particularly oil-based paint from woodwork.
design an air stripper (being an environmental engineer, an air stripper design is more common than a distillation column);
The water from the adsorption system will be further treated to remove radon and carbon dioxide in a packed tower air stripper following which the finished water will be pH adjusted and chlorinated before distribution to the public.
Additionally, an air stripper was added, which forces air through polluted ground water to remove harmful chemicals.
It's possible the site could be cleaned up by sometime next year, although the air stripper is likely to need to remain on site for some time after cleanup is complete.
The flow rate capability of the company's air stripper lineup now increases fourfold, from a maximum 250 gallons per minute (GPM) to 1,000 GPM.