Air trap

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air trap

[′er ‚trap]
(civil engineering)
A U-shaped pipe filled with water that prevents the escape of foul air or gas from such systems as drains and sewers.

Air trap

A U-shaped pipe filled with water and located beneath plumbing fixtures to form a seal against the passage of gas and odors.


1. A device to maintain a water seal against sewer gases, air, and odors; also called a stench trap.
2. A removable section of a theater stage floor.
3. Same as traprock.
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Your brew will start bubbling through the air trap, peaking at 60 or more bubbles per minute.
Air traps are pockets of gas that are trapped inside the cavity with no place to vent.
To understand the quality issues, we used Moldflow software to create the air trap within the existing component model.
For example, a click on an air trap depicted in the results of the moldability analysis brings up a window full of information on causes of and solutions to air-trap problems.
Because the city sits in a valley, it's prone to a meteorological phenomenon called an air inversion, where a lid of warm air traps cold air and harmful pollution close to the ground.
This 'preventative analysis' detects a wide range of potential manufacturing issues such as warpage, weld lines, air traps, filling issues and hot spots, while determining the optimum gating position.
Moreover, the produced panels will e aesthetically excellent and ompletely free of air traps, he added.

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