Air trap

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air trap

[′er ‚trap]
(civil engineering)
A U-shaped pipe filled with water that prevents the escape of foul air or gas from such systems as drains and sewers.

Air trap

A U-shaped pipe filled with water and located beneath plumbing fixtures to form a seal against the passage of gas and odors.


1. A device to maintain a water seal against sewer gases, air, and odors; also called a stench trap.
2. A removable section of a theater stage floor.
3. Same as traprock.
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Inadequate tool venting is a big cause of air traps.
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of air traps
Experts said soaring pollution levels could adversely affect athletes' health and performance especially due to "temperature inversion" when a layer of warm air traps pollutants close to the ground.
Today's mold simulation is more like an MRI in its ability to reveal fiber orientation, shrinkage, warpage, cooling rate, shear, air traps, weld lines, and behavior of multi-material and gas-assist injection.
Tenders are invited for Supply of steam traps / air traps
Engineers have been trying to create similarly water repellent surfaces, but past attempts at artificial air traps tended to lose their contents over time due to external perturbations.
The analysis results can be used to address possible cosmetic issues such as weld lines, air traps and sink marks, and to determine a part thickness that minimizes material use without compromising quality.
Tenders Are Invited For Supply of Air Traps As Per Technical Specification No.

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