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That means, if you want to communicate with all of these groups, you have to be logged into multiple networks," says Air2Web CTO Dale Gonzalez.
BellSouth and Air2Web will participate in joint marketing, sales and application development to deliver these solutions.
Remote access was developed through a partnership with Air2Web Inc.
Our partnership with Air2Web will allow us to provide our clients' customers the most convenient access to their financial information and transactions on a nationwide basis," says Donner.
com, uses Flash video on the homepage to "introduce" Air2Web and provide real-life examples of how companies can leverage the mobile channel through SMS, mobile websites and applications to communicate with their customers.
Air2Web Vice President of Sales, Curtis Rapp says, "We're thrilled to be part of the Hard Rock International experience.
ATLANTA -- Air2Web and Acxiom([R]) Corporation (Nasdaq: ACXM) have announced a partnership to develop and deliver mobile messaging solutions that enable large B2C companies to manage customer lifecycles in the mobile channel.
Air2Web also attended the conference to present best practices on how mobile can support companies' customer care models, based on its work with AT&T.
Specifically, whenever an Air2Web subscriber attempts to send an MMS or SMS, the Air2Web platform queries NeuStar's WMRS database and identifies the correct destination for the message to ensure successful delivery and realize cost efficiencies.
According to Air2Web CEO Tom Cotney, "AirCARE[TM] EnterpriseAGENT[TM] reduces the drag on companies' IT resources and allows marketers and customer care professionals to deploy services and promotions in a much timelier manner when responding to market pressures.
This is further proof of the existing capabilities of Air2Web and clearly indicates its deep understanding of customers' requirements.
Using the Air2Web DirectTEXT solution Commonwealth's customers now have the ability to opt-in online to receive product alerts and promotional offers made on the website as soon as they are announced.