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If you'd like to see something from further afield, then DDK, Die Deutschen Klassiker - the internetbased aircooled pre-1974 Porsche club - has a treat lined up for visitors: an ber-rare 1958 Porsche 356A formerly used by the Austrian police.
The evaporative condenser consists of condenser tubes, which are already in aircooled mode.
The LP 13-20 DEL is powered by an aircooled, 10-hp Lombardini series 15LD diesel engine, with recoil and electric start.
Powered by a four-stroke, aircooled engine, the Nexxon 125 can achieve a restricted top speed of 50mph.
Figure 4 shows the electric power saved in the summer months; the most energy can be saved when the centrifugal aircooled chiller is used.
Coventry Aircooled Vee-dub Club has around 50 members who meet every other Tuesday at the Cross Point pub in Walsgrave.
Tolerances inside the engine have been tightened up to give the engine a more modern feel and although it's still aircooled, it passes the current Euro emission regulations.
Suitable for use on metal and plastic parts, the TD410 is aircooled with a low-maintenance fibercoupled diode with a lifetime greater than 10,000 hours.
Most shop piston compressors are aircooled with an allowable duty cycle of 60 70 percent.
On 7 February 1922 the Navy's Aeronautical Engine Laboratory completed a 50-hour test run of the Lawrance J-1, a 200-hp radial aircooled engine, left.
UK-based GEW introduced the VCP-Film UV curing system as part of its aircooled VCP series with slide-out cassettes and Varipower stepless control.