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Morita, Akio

(äk`ēō môr`ētä), 1921–99, Japanese business executive, b. Nagoya, Japan. The eldest son of a successful sake brewer, Morita joined Masaru Ibuka to found Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering in 1946. To pursue their strategy of introducing innovative products, they bought rights to the transistor from General Electric and in 1957 introduced a pocket-sized transistor radio. They renamed the company Sony in 1958 and became one of the world's largest electronics corporations. They introduced such consumer electronics products as the Walkman, the compact disccompact disc
(CD), a small plastic disc used for the storage of digital data. As originally developed for audio systems, the sound signal is sampled at a rate of 44,100 times a second, then each sample is measured and digitally encoded on the 4 3-4 in (12 cm) disc as a series of
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 player (created with Philips), the Trinitron television, and the digital audio tape player. In the 1960s, Morita set up the Sony Corporation of America and in 1971, Sony became the first Japanese electronics company to manufacture television sets in the United States. Morita became Sony's president in 1971 and chairman in 1976. As part of the company's strategy to acquire entertainment programming (software) that can be played on its electronics products (hardware), Sony purchased CBS records for $2 billion in 1987 and paid $3.4 billion for the Columbia Pictures Entertainment group in 1989. Morita retired as Sony's chairman in 1994.


See his autobiography, Made in Japan (1986).

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Imagine, for a moment, that Akio Morita, the legendary founder of Sony Corporation, had gone to work for General Electric's Japanese subsidiary in 1946 instead of gathering his small staff in a bombed-out Tokyo factory to manufacture electric rice cookers, Sony's very first product.
But as Sony CEO Akio Morita put it, "Although I originally thought it would be considered rude for one person to be listening to his music in isolation, buyers began to see their little portable stereo sets as very personal.
I think part of what Akio Morita, the founder of Sony, talked about was global localization, which is having a global presence, but you can't do everything identically across the globe in a single way.
Marker has begun this potentially overwhelming endeavor with Prelude: The Hollow Men, an installation created expressly for the Yoshiko and Akio Morita Gallery at the Museum of Modern Art.
Although Japanese guru Akio Morita invented the first ever Walkman, later introducing stereos and Trinitron ( a method of projecting colour images onto a television tube ( the concept of having a `tape recorder' that didn't record had been established more than 10 years earlier.
Employees at the Bridgend and Pencoed plants, where they make traditional tube televisions, today remembered the words of Sony's co-founder Akio Morita.
TBS), won the award in 1975, and Akio Morita, the then chairman and CEO of Sony Corp.
Imagine the loss if Akio Morita, chairman of Sony, had listened to his market research and not created the portable tape recorder, ultimately leading to the Sony Walkman.
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The man who co-founded the Japanese corporation and led it to international prominence, Akio Morita, died Sunday.
Akio Morita, also built the Sony empire and is considered one of the most influential businessmen of the century.