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The ordeal faced by Arakan's Muslims was exacerbated when 10 Muslims traveling from Akyab to Maungdav were slaughtered by Buddhist fanatics on June 3, 2012.
The foreign media has reported that China is helping Myanmar build modern naval bases in Hangyi, Coco, Zadetkyi, Akyab, Mergui and Kyaukryu to enhance China's capability to wage submarine warfare.
Eventually they were picked up by American troops and taken to Chittagong, Bangladesh, before they boarded a plane to travel to the island of Akyab.
In 1825 the British took Arakan and moved the capital to Akyab (Sittwe) at the mouth of the Kaladan River (Oldham 1883; Charney 1998; Gutman 2001; Leider 2002; van Galen 2002).