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George, Saint,

4th cent.?, perhaps a soldier in the imperial army who died for the faith in Asia Minor. His life is cloaked in legends; Gibbon's identification of him with George of Cappadocia is false. George is one of the great saints of the Eastern Church and the ancient patron of soldiers. A vision of St. George at the seige of Antioch during the First Crusade is said to have preceded the defeat of the Saracens and the fall of the city to the crusaders. Richard I placed himself and his army under the protection of St. George during the Third Crusade. He became the patron of England in the late Middle Ages. In old plays and in art St. George is the slayer of the dragon; The Golden Legend did much for the extension of the tale. The Red Cross Knight of Edmund Spenser's Faërie Queene is St. George and stands for the Church of England. St. George's Cross is red, and it appears in the Union Jack. Feast: Apr. 23.


See A. Barclay, Life of St. George, ed. by W. Nelson (1955, repr. 1960).

Saint George,

town (1991 pop. 1,648), on St. George's Island, Bermuda. It was the capital of Bermuda until 1815, when it was replaced by HamiltonHamilton,
city (1990 est. pop. 3,100), capital of Bermuda, on Bermuda Island. It is a port at the head of Great Sound, a huge lagoon and deepwater harbor protected by coral reefs. The city is the focus of Bermuda's commercial and social life and is a major tourist resort.
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. During the American Civil War it harbored Confederate blockade-runners.

George, Saint


a saint of the Christian religion. Church legend tells of his execution (c. 303) in Nicomedia (now the city of Ismit, Turkey) during Diocletian’s persecution of the Christians in the Roman Empire and of his miracles, including his victory over a dragon. At first considered the protector of agriculture, St. George later became an object of cult-worship by European feudal lords as patron saint of knighthood. In ancient Rus’, George was frequently depicted on princely seals and coins, and in tsarist Russia, on the state seal.

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