Al Qusayr

Qusayr, Al


a city in eastern Egypt. Population, 11,000 (1960). A port on the Red Sea, Al-Qusayr is linked by highway with the Nile Valley at Qina. Phosphorites mined near the city are exported.

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The government has just captured Al Qusayr and feels that another push may recapture Aleppo, Syria's second largest city.
The government has been greatly encouraged by its victory in Al Qusayr, by the very effective support it received from Iran and Hezbollah and by Russia's continued diplomatic backing and supply of arms.
Security Council on Friday called on the Syrian government to allow "immediate, safe, and unhindered access" for humanitarian workers to the Syrian town of Al Qusayr, the scene of heavy fighting in recent weeks.
BRUSSELS, June 3 (KUNA) -- EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid , Kristalina Georgieva, Monday expressed increasing alarm over the rapidly deteriorating situation in recent days in the town of Al Qusayr in Syria.
The debate, held today (Wednesday, 29 May, 2013) at the UN Office in Geneva, discussed the deteriorating human rights situation in Syria, particularly in Al Qusayr area.
The decision by the council to hold its own session is based on the formal request made by a number of countries, including Qatar, Turkey and the US, for an urgent special debate session by UN Council for Human Rights to deal with the unfortunate developments as well as continued deteriorating and tragic humanitarian situation in Syria, especially after the recent events in Al Qusayr.
They all expressed outrage and strong condemnation of the massacres in Syrian lands, the latest of which in Al Qusayr that resulted in the massacre of unarmed civilians, women and children.
NNA - AL HAYAT: Nasrallah denies sending reconnaissance plane over Haifa, defends fighting in Reef al Qusayr and Saiyda Zeinab Nasrallah: You will not succeed in bringing down Damascus militarily, Syria has real friends that will not allow it AL BINA: Nasrallah: Syria has friends that will not allow its fall Positive atmosphere, meeting in near future between Salam and March 8 Arab League continues its conspiracy to give up on Palestine AL ANWAR: March 14 expects surprise after Salam received conditions of March 8 AL SHARQ: Saudi Monarch: We consider Japan a close friend ANNAHAR: President to Annahar: I will challenge any extension to parliament Blocking third halts cabinet formation Nasrallah confirms death of his fighters in Syria but numbers are exaggerated R.
The public admission by Hezbollah of its interference in the fighting in the Syrian city of Al Qusayr requires the GCC member states to discuss the issue and study its repercussions," the sources said ahead of the 127th GCC meeting in the Red Sea city of Jeddah.
The Qatari diplomat said that Doha "condemned the killing and military operations carried out by Syrian government forces and their militias as well as external parties loyal to the Syrian regime against the city of Al Qusayr whose population is suffering from an unjust siege and heavy shelling.
Women wait to buy bread in front of a bakery in Al Qusayr, a city in western Syria about 4.