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Mohammed bin Salman can grow into the job under Mohammed bin Nayef's supervision," Alani said.
The border remained a formidable barrier for militants, despite the early morning raid, said Alani.
To sum up, the regional situation does not serve them," Alani said.
New authors are published every day, but rarely are they as young as Alani.
The article referred to a recent comment by Mustafa Alani, director of security and defense studies at the (Persian) Gulf Research Center, who said that due to the support of the US and Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda is getting stronger.
But Alani told me: They took the flag down five minutes later when ordered to by tribal leaders.
The biggest winners from his arrest may be Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Lebanese ally Hezbollah, who have been the main focus of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades since al-Majid took the reins of the group in mid-2012, said Mustafa Alani, the director of the security department at the Geneva-based Gulf Research Center.
No, no, she isn't an official member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but she has signed up for a role in the second TV drama "Al Ikhwah" (The Brotherhood) directed by Hussam Al Rantisi and Amar Al Alani is said to be one of the biggest projects being filmed right now.
If it isn't in our interests, we feel no necessity to bow to their wishes," said Mustafa Alani, an Iraqi analyst at the Gulf Research Centre in Jeddah with close ties to the Saudi security establishment.
During the event Ambassador Birgitta Holst Alani, the director of the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and Dr Khair El-Din Haseeb, director of the Centre for Arab Unity Studies in Beirut gave a brief presentation to the book.
The forum began with a discussion between Swedish ambassador Birgitta Holst Alani, Faculty of Mass Communication Dean at Pharos University Fawzy Abdel Ghani, Public Authority for Information Service Chairman Mohamed Badr Al Din and the forum's executive chairman, Ahmed Esmat.
de Cecile Couraud, "Les enfants sacrifies de Falluja" de Forat Alani et "Les femmes refusent la mort" de Mohammad Kenawi.