Alaska Highway

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Alaska Highway,

all-weather road, 1,523 mi (2,451 km) long, extending NW from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Fairbanks, Alaska. An extension of an existing Canadian road between Dawson Creek and Edmonton, Alta., the Alaska Highway was constructed (Mar.–Sept., 1942) by U.S. troops as a supply route to military forces in Alaska during World War II. It was a significant engineering feat because of the difficulties of terrain and weather. In the last stretch to Fairbanks the road used the previously built Richardson Highway. The Haines Cutoff connects the Alaska Highway with the Alaska panhandle. In 1946 control of the Canadian part of the road was transferred to Canada. In 1947 the entire highway was opened to unrestricted travel; it is one of the best routes to Alaska. The highway is open throughout the year, and there are roadside facilities along its length. It was formerly known as the Alaskan International Highway and the Alcan Highway.

Alaska Highway

a road extending from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Fairbanks, Alaska: built by the US Army (1942). Length: 2452 km (1523 miles)
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Walker, along with a fellow pilot, flew his 1956 tailwheel Cessna 172 on a journey from the Atlantic Coast up through the American heartland and across the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia before reaching the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek, B.
Located at Mile "0" of the Alaska Highway in Northeastern BC, Dawson Creek boasts the Encana events centre that attracts major concert acts each year.
In covering the construction of the Alaska Highway and the Canol pipeline that supplied Canadian oil to the U.
THE Alaska Highway is a 1,400-mile road which runs from Dawsons Creek in British Colombia to Yukon in Alaska.
Now known as the Alaska Highway, the road continues to provide the primary overland route connecting the 49th state with the "lower 48.
Following that she served the Chinese Church in Montreal and then worked on the Alaska Highway where she met the man who would become her husband, Forrest Brown.
Stubbs has recently worked with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to create a coordinated industry position on the Alberta First Nations Consultation Policy and lead Aboriginal engagement strategies on the Alaska Highway and the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline.
The plant is to be situated at or near the Fort Nelson Gas Plant, which is about 20km south of the town of Fort Nelson, BC, beside the Alaska Highway.
One of the founding members of the now inter-denominational Braeburn Lake Christian camp, Archdeacon Privett took charge of parishes north of Whitehorse along the Alaska Highway, including St.
It could be a very long wait for AAA, we'd heard, on the Alaska Highway.
The store is located within AP&T's Tok office at Milepost 1314, off the Alaska Highway.
4, is pushing for the Alaska Highway oil and gas pipeline project to go ahead as soon as possible, and the proposed path of the pipeline goes right through WRFN's traditional territory.

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