Alaska Wilderness League

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Alaska Wilderness League

Address:122 C St NW, Suite 240
Washington, DC 20001

Established: 1993. Description:An alliance of environmental, civic, and Native organizations. Works in Washington D.C. to protect and defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska's forests, and other wilderness lands in Alaska. Coordinates educational programs and monitors legislation to assure lasting protection of these lands. Comprises more than 107 international, national, regional, state, and local organizations. Members: 107 (donors). Dues: $25/year.
Publications: Alaska Wilderness League News (bimonthly).

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According to the Alaska Wilderness League, 95 percent of Alaska's Arctic Slope is already open for exploration.
When the best science tells us that polar bears are in trouble because of global warming, it makes no sense for the DOI to further imperil them by rushing to lease a major portion of their habitat for oil and gas development," said David Dickson, Western Arctic Wilderness and Oceans Program Director for Alaska Wilderness League.
According to the Alaska Wilderness League, 95 percent of Alaska's Arctic Slope is already open for exploration, and "the odds are [that] little if any recoverable oil lies beneath the last five percent, the Arctic Refuge coastal plain.
While WWF and Alaska Wilderness League applaud congressional interest in the plight of the polar bears, we join the conservation community in urging for the immediate listing of the polar bear and calling for a dramatic decrease in green house gases, the source of global warming that is melting polar bear habitat and transforming the Arctic.
The spill is what Adam Kolten, Arctic Refuge campaign director for the Alaska Wilderness League, calls a watershed event for the environmental movement, taking its place alongside Three Mile Island and Love Canal.
Strategic Media Partners include, but are not limited to: American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), BP America, Ceres, DaimlerChrysler, Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Global Roundtable on Climate Change, Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Motor Press Guild, NextGen Energy Council, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), Philips, Resources for the Future (RFF), The Alaska Wilderness League, United States Energy Association (USEA), World Resources Institute (WRI)

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