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Oldies proved to be just as popular with The Beatles album track I Saw Her Standing There - nearly four decades old - at number eight.
But when that track emerged as a hit, BNA ran with it by releasing a single CD to top 40 and adult contemporary stations with four different mixes apart from the steel guitar-tinged album track playing on country radio.
Speaking about album track Wait, Robbie, 36, said: "I'd had the Rudebox debacle - the rapping Robbie.
It was included as an album track by Paddy O'Brien last year and it looks set to give E'van O'Donnell his biggest success to date.
Franz Ferdinand's next single is a new version of album track Michael.
The band are making the album track, Bank Holiday Monday, available as a download on May 28.
But edgier album track Virgin Sexy was a highlight, as the girls got saucy, pouted and pole danced.
THE WHITE STRIPES: Seven Nation Army (XL) - Best album track.
It's only an album track but is 2-1 to be released as a single.
Seefried sang on the Crows' album track ``I Wish I Was a Girl'' while Duritz returned the favor on Joe 90's ``Drive'' and ``Dream This'' opener ``Ferris Wheel.
UNKLE: Be There (Mo Wax) - Ian Brown uses his mouth smartly for once and adds some sparkle to what was a dull instrumental album track.
It's hard to top a superb album track when it's out as a single.