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, city (1994 pop. 107,065), N Morocco. The name also appears as Alcazarquivir and Al Qasr al Kabir. Near the city on Aug. 4, 1578, the Moroccans soundly defeated the Portuguese.
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, Morocco.
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Although it may appear that his certain death in Alcazarquivir represents a punishment for the two ghastly murders, in reality it will bring Lope further glory rather than unmerited censure.
Based on Lope's actions throughout the play, there can be little doubt that this systemizing thinker would believe himself honored to die fighting in defense of his king and his religion, despite the tragic consequences of the Battle of Alcazarquivir for the Portuguese nation.
5) The critical opinon on Lope's conduct in Calderon's play has been influenced by his identification with King Sebastian and the disastrous campaign of Alcazarquivir.
In a desolate spot known as Alcazarquivir, on August 4, Muslim hordes under al-Malik decimated the outnumbered Portuguese.
Thus, from the ruins and devastation wrought on the nation by the debacle at Alcazarquivir, King Sebastian by the grace of God Almighty will return to restore Portugal's place among the great nations.
In his most recent piece, Dom Sao Sebastiao, 1996, Saint Sebastian confronts Dom Sebastiao, a Portuguese king obsessed with colonial expansion in Africa, who was defeated and killed in the battle of Alcazarquivir in 1578.