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50-inch fish from Hubbard Lake in Alcona County in October of 2015.
In a separate case also in 2007, the elected treasurer of Alcona County, Michigan embezzled approximately $1.
We trapped coyotes in 6 townships in Alcona County, 5 in Oscoda County, 2 in Montmorency County, and 2 in Alpena County.
On one occasion, while setting up baits for black bears in Huron National Forest in Alcona County 25 miles west of Lake Huron, a DNR wildlife biologist reported a puma walking on a narrow forest path (Robinson 2000, pers.
On September 13, 1997, the Detroit Free Press newspaper published a photograph of a cougar reportedly about 10 miles from where Robinson saw his cat in Alcona County.
engineer-manager, Alcona County Road Commission, Michigan as northeast region vice president.
In 1975, a 9-year-old doe from Alcona County, Michigan, tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.